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2021 Becoming a Full-Time Artist

Updated: Jan 8

Where do I begin, I never could have imagined that I would be ending 2021 as a full-time artist.

Leaving the day job to pursue my dreams seemed like an unachievable dream when I began this year. The decision to leave a steady income was not something that came lightly. Like most ambitions, this endeavour pours from feelings and beliefs. True happiness is an illusion for those who have suffered trauma. All we can do is hope for true peace and continue to live everyday doing what does brings us happiness. Life is too short to be spent unhappy.

I've found hiding your true self, even from your own mind, is detrimental to living your life fully. If theres something that brings a fire to your soul then you should do everything in your power to pursue that expression to your fullest.

I knew I needed art and I knew I had a voice, however I never knew where that voice stemmed from.

For a very long time I didn't have the opportunity to process and come to terms with the traumas I have experienced. My maturity has brought about an impressive amount of introspection and self actualization.

As a result, coming to the realization that I don't know how to give and accept love has been the single most healing self confirmation I have given myself. Letting go of the shame and guilt of traumas and understanding the lack of control have become the bridge to unlocking true peace. Unfortunately, my experiences are not unique and giving recognition to the affects it had on me is critical to my ability to own my identity.

It seems silly to point out that you are a product of circumstance but actually implementing this belief to understanding your trains of thoughts and actions; whether they are conscious or not has allowed me to grow stronger.

I believe I have something to share and I hope my story inspires others. Live an honest life and hope to inspire others.

I am nervous. Not of failing however. Failing would imply that I see an end result or specific goal in mind. Which in fact, I do not see either.

Instead I see nothing but opportunity and freedom. Freedom to finally express and work through trauma. Freedom to explore self identity and self expression through a medium that speaks to my soul and the opportunity to be who I was always meant to be.

Amber Pacheco
Artist, BFA

I hope to inspire you to pursue expression, find peace, and live honestly.

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