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2015-2023 Commissions

Updated: Jan 8


Left: "#felixeverettmunce", 2015

Right: "#angusrolandmunce", 2019

"#felixeverettmunce" Oil on Canvas

30x40 in.

This painting is a reflection of time and the significance of every precious moment. In that it is a literal representation of the artist and stands as a reflection of the process of creating in the documentation of the piece in video.

You can check out the video here on YouTube.

"#angusrolandmunce", 2019

Oil on Canvas

30x40 in.


Octopus: Co.1, 2019

Coloured pencil and alcohol-based markers on bristol.


This was my first commission. My first sale. I was so grateful for the opportunity. It was interesting because it was my first time shipping a piece. Referencing the recipients' love of octopus and scuba diving.


Ship Shape Painting Plus, 2020

Coloured pencil and alcohol based markers on hot press illustration paper.


My closest friend asked me to design a logo for her business. After brainstorming and analyzing. It inspired me to take action and start my business. This meant looking at art as not only a creative outlet but as a familiarly accessible experience. Consequently, there is a learning curve to designing my own brand and website.


A New Path, 2021

Acrylic Mural


A mural for a first-time mom and a dear friend. The room itself was woodland themed so I wanted to capture two groupings of trees with one smaller younger tree uniting them.


Missed Opportunity, 2021 Alcohol Markers and Coloured Pencils on Illustration Board.

15x20 in.


The Pacheco's, 2021

Acrylic on Canvas



Westie Lake, 2022

Acrylic on Canvas

16"x 20"

A moment of communal engagement.

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