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2013-2014 My Thesis Year

Selfie #nofilter, 2013

96 X 48IN.


This piece is about the artist. The piece itself becomes a vessel for expression and the artist voice. It's not about the final product but the literal expression of the artist. Through each moment the piece becomes ignited with ideals of memory and time. Through the literate decay I seek to emphasize the futility of the final product.


Life is composed of moments, moments that shape the existence of matter. The materiality of this existence is transformed, due to the decomposition in which it is exposed. Through this decomposition I seek to display the reality of process, and the role it plays in the work itself. When reminiscing on the lives of the lost we centre on the moments that shaped their lives rather than grasp the memory of their final moments. This becomes pinnacle in understanding the importance of memory, and its effect on the ‘end’ result. Taking the word ‘end’ into consideration, I merely use it as a vessel to describe the particular moment in time that any one viewer may experience the piece. As the world is constantly changing, so is that of the work, the materials will degrade and decompose and it is the neglect of the archival that I find beautiful. Through purposeful destruction and mundane subjects, I emphasize the inevitable future.




Waterloo: One of these Things is not like the Other, 2013

"Kincardine: Go With the Flow", 2013

Due to the nature of the materials used the piece will gradually become blown away and will leave little to be acknowledged. Not only does this piece reflect my ideals as an artist, touching on topics of memory and time. The themes also emphasize the physical temporality of the piece as the fluidity of the lines, echoed by the constant waves of the lake, becomes a representation of the artist. Thus, instilling the act of creating art to be equally as important as the end product.

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