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About AP Studios

AP Studios is owned and operated by the artist Amber Pacheco. (She/Her)

AP received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with Honours Studio Practice from the University of Waterloo in 2014.


AP is a mixed media artist based in Ontario, her work explores thematic elements of conflict between the artist as the maker and the influence of circumstance.


Inspired by her chronic pain, her practice seeks to explore the boundaries of human experience and the impermanence of existence.​ Mental health is at the forefront of conceptualization as it becomes the byproduct of an unforgiving disease and the traumatic events that shape her.


Understanding the temporal nature of creation AP hopes to document this process through photo and video.​ Inherently, this brings an influence of pop culture and a social media presence to her work.


​Respecting the process from creation to completion is central to understanding AP’s practice with the intention to eternalize the memory.

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CV & Bio

Amber Pacheco is a vibrant young artist working out of Kitchener, Ontario. She has completed her BFA from the University of Waterloo. Her work has been exhibited in multiple exhibitions across the region; she is the owner and operator of Her work explores themes of conflict between the artist as the maker and the influence of circumstance.



  • University of Waterloo, BFA Honours Studio Practice, 2009-2014


  • Public Art Installations, Region of Waterloo International Airport, December 2022-December 2024, Breslau, Ontario

  • Not Just the Blues Juried Art Show by Joanne Poluch, August 2022, 44 Gaukel Arts, Kitchener, Ontario

  • Open Art, June 2022, The Shops at Waterloo Town Square, Waterloo, Ontario

  • Epilogue (under Raegan Little as trade), March 2022, ECH in the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario

  • ADG, March 2019, The Art District Gallery, Kitchener, Ontario

  • AP NOW, September 2018, Wellington Brewery Warehouse, Guelph, Ontario

  • AP NOW, September 2018, Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), Waterloo, Ontario

  • #Exnovation, January 2017, THEMUSEUM, Kitchener, Ontario

  • Blank Slate, March 2014, UWAG, Waterloo, Ontario

  • Surprise Exhibition, January 2014, Misty Mountain Café, Kitchener, Ontario

  • Site Specific, September 2013, Kincardine Beach, Kincardine, Ontario

  • Just Because, April 2013, Live in the Loft, Kitchener, Ontario

  • Bright Lights Big City, March 2013, The Button Factory, Waterloo, Ontario

  • The White Cube, March 2013, Artery Gallery, Waterloo, Ontario

  • The Artist and the Natural Environment, February 2013, Creative Enterprise Institute, Waterloo, Ontario

  • Site Specific, November 2012, Waterloo Park, Waterloo, Ontario

  • The Imaginarium, October 2011, Artery Gallery, Waterloo, Ontario


  • Art$ Pay artist and member

  • Business owner and Creator of AP Studios Art by Amber Pacheco

  • Artist Internship, Sarah Kernohan, 2012

  • Visual Art Award, 2009, Resurrection Catholic Secondary School, Waterloo, Ontario

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